Little Fatty Boom-Boom

This Thanksgiving was not so cheerful for me. I had the best of intentions to write a detailed blog about the holiday and how I selected each wine to pair with the decadent meal. It did not turn out that way. Instead we, meaning my partner, our roommate and 2 cats, had to say a tearful goodbye to our beloved Buster. He was the dog of the house, a 14 year old beagle who loved snacks, including an occasional flattened dead rat. He left us on Wednesday November 26, the day before the Thanksgiving holiday. The grief has been palpable. We canceled our larger plans to join friends and instead opted for a quiet day at home, reminiscing about and celebrating Buster, our little Fatty Boom-Boom.

In honor of Buster, we purchased a bottle of Boom Boom! Syrah. We enjoyed it stand alone, as much eating had already taken place.

The price: $18.00 at our local wine shop.

The wine: 2012 Charles Smith Boom Boom! Syrah from Columbia Valley, Washington State

The grapes: 97% Syrah and 3% Viognier

Thoughts: I have had this wine before but am not sure it was the same vintage. I recall liking it a lot but consider it more of a splurge at that price point, than an everyday wine, which I try to keep closer to $12. You can probably find it for less on-line, but mind the cost of shipping etc.

Tasting notes: It delivers. Velvety Syrah qualities. Rich black cherry earthiness with an herbal finish. The name of it is reflective of it's character: an explosion of everything that is right with Syrah. It definitely has that very big American quality of being fruit forward. The Viognier is but a dash of seasoning, if you will. This is a fun and robust wine, which could pair well with food or just be consumed with chatter, as we did. 

Food pairing: Meats, such as lamb. Portabella mushroom "steaks". Lots of black pepper. Or chocolate. 

We raised our glasses to Buster. It is not the same without him. He was mostly "chillaxing", unless there was food. You would know if he was interested in what we were eating by the feeling of hot breath on your leg. As we remembered him, we devised of a new tradition, to be implemented next year, perhaps to be called, "Hot breath Wednesday". This will be the day before Thanksgiving and will consist of snacks we know he would have savored. We miss you lil' fatty boom-boom!


He loved going to the beach at Lake Michigan, walks at any time, no matter how cold and scrounging for goodies, like the egg mc muffin, pictured above.  Fare thee well, little dog! xoxo