OHIO??? Hold the phone!

A few weeks back, I attended an in-store tasting promoting potential holiday wines. It was so good and contained the surprise of the century: a delightful Pinot Noir from none other than, Ohio? Okay, pride filled enophiles from the buckeye state: hold your wine glasses. I did some research and the wine is yours to claim. It comes from Firelands Winery and the grapes more specifically are from Isle St. George, which is just off the coast of Sandusky on Lake Eerie. I was very impressed!

I had to rush and read more about this place.  http://www.firelandswinery.com

The Wine:  2012  Firelands Winery  Isle St. George  Pinot Noir

The Grape: 100% Pinot Noir

The Price: $13.99 at my local wine shop.

Thoughts: Lovely. Very eclectic for the price and origin. It hit some of the classic fruity Pinot Noir notes of cherry and raspberry. Also I detected an herbaceous quality, which was enchanting. It is balanced with a bit of tannin on the finish. 

Pairing: So, I had it with pizza. Yeah, I may have a small problem. I did not feel like cooking after an epic x-mas tree resurrection. It was a Sunday. Who can consider cooking? With the newly minted x-mas lights washing the living room in a sedative pink glow, it seemed better to relax and swap x-mas stories about our childhoods. Pizza was in order. Veggie, of course. The wine paired beautifully. Nice acidity. 

looking stately with the thrift store tree in the back-ground.

looking stately with the thrift store tree in the back-ground.

More on Pinot Noir: Pinot Noir is considered the temperamental grape. It is of a weaker genetics than other reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. It is lighter in body but very sophisticated in style, pairing with many food options. It is always a good bet to bring to a gathering for which you do not know what food is being served, to say nothing of it's impressiveness as highly valued.