VdeG: Mexico's Premier Wine Region

Mexico makes some good wine. A few years ago I started to hear some whispers about a wine region south of the border. Being a committed practitioner (aka: winedrinker), I investigated.  I was tickled to learn the location of said wine region: El Valle de Guadalupe en Baja California, due South of San Diego. If you know of Ensenada, on the coast, the start of the Ruta Del Vino (wine route) in the valley is a mere 15 minutes inland. Easily reachable by car from the border and a breezy hour and a half from Tijuana, down the scenic Highway 1. You could fly into T.J. in the morning, rent a car and be sipping wine in Mexico‚Äôs principal wine region by noon.  De verdad? Really, it is that easy.

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