I want to share.

Greetings everyone and happy holidays. As I write this today, a matter of days before the close of 2016, I find myself overwhelmed with gratefulness. "My heart is full". I have seen people use that expression and wondered what exactly they meant and was admittedly suspicious of their motives. Were they saying it because they thought they were supposed to? Because they had fulfilled some sort pre-destined future for themselves and as such, had internalized what it was supposed to feel like? Or was I projecting? There is always so much happening that we don't share, even with the closest members of our tribe (sometimes especially), even with our therapist who is allegedly confidential and even if we are an extrovert. Then there is social media, where we portray our lives and our humanity as a stylized piece of art, and hope the reality will follow. As I write today, I am in the most sincere place of gratitude. My heart is full and I want to tell you about it. 

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