A Pét-nat for Monterey County!

It started with the pét-nat. I had tasted and loved the 2016 vintage from Cima Collina. It was fresh, berry smacking, yogurty. It had that desirable pét-nat rosé profile, the version craved by all of us seeking summer. THE expression of stars and light. Served chilled, it is a beverage so ethereal that you *may* forget it is for the adults and accidentally offer it to children. A good rosé pét-nat seems like any other fruity, carbonated refreshment to grab with a to-go deli sandwich. Like a kombucha. Yet, most children and many grown ups will not prefer such. It has a sour taste. Some of us love it. Some cannot get down with the rawness of the sparkling drink. I categorize myself in the former, finding pét-nat most delightful.

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