Ditka makes Wine! (Video)


If you are like me, you remain pretty much oblivious to the happenings of the sports world.  I have the most wonderful brother in the world, Wes, who also happens to be a virtual sports encyclopedia. He has always, always followed sports, since he was a tiny kid. I remember being dragged to various ballgames, in the pre-cell phone era, sitting in the stands as a disinterested teenager, reading some trashy novel, rolling my eyes at every burst of enthusiasm from the crowd. My recompense: we conversely went to the theatre. One year our parents even sent us, unchaperoned, to a performance of Into The Woods at Kentucky Center For The Performing Arts. Wes drove me crazy as he rolled his program into a makeshift telescope and kept staring at me, about an inch away from my face, while intermittently swigging tic-tacs from their container. I wanted him to evaporate. Payback's hell. We laugh about these things now.

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