Bainbridge Island: Take A Ferry, Drink Some Wine (Video)

Last week, I had the privilege of traveling to Seattle for a work conference. Gabe joined me and we added some days for leisure and reconnecting with some of our Chicago friends, who now live there. Seattle is an impressive city. I had not been in 20+ years, and had a repeat experience of several sunny and mild days, causing one to ponder, "are the locals just exaggerating all this 24/7 rain narrative, to keep the Californians from moving up?" Then it rained. But not too much and it was really rather refreshing, coming from the drought stricken state. Seattle has more than just water to boast. World class restaurants, attractions, shopping, arts, culture, the herb, and my personal favorite, wine. Beautiful wine. With Washington being the second largest premium wine producing state in the U.S., there is much to choose from.

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