'17 into '18: Inviting MORE.

Greetings wine lovers and supporters alike! A most Happy New Year to you all. I am determined that it shall be. As 2017 came to a close, I observed an onslaught of hashtags and general commentary about the perceived rottenness of 2017, and therefore eagerness to ceremoniously kiss it goodbye. Being an empathetic listener, I read, heard and took that in, psychically validating the experiences of others. I believe in everyone’s right to name their own experience. No amount of “mansplaining”, or if we are to speak of wine, “winesplaining” can replace what we have actually, truly, lived and felt. We get to name our own experience. However, we do each have the capacity to reflect and take in new information and ask more questions and sometimes arrive at a completely different place. As Tom Robbins is credited with saying, “It is never too late to have a happy childhood”. We have the power to reimagine our experiences and frame them in a new light, at any time on the journey. This knowledge nagged at me as I deciphered the disgruntled remarks on the year of 2017.

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