For The Love of Sauternes!

A few weeks ago a dear friend got married. Yay! The wedding was in Florida and we were home in California, but we watched the whole thing. The Greek Orthodox Church has become super hip. They do live-streams y'all! Nai. Modern Greek for "yes". It was every bit as ceremonious as you might expect. However Gabe and I were kicked back at home, watching while I madly texted with my Kentucky peeps, representing various time zones, who were also tuning in. It was a very 21st Century experience. Texting with my friends made it feel like we were in community and bearing witness as our cherished friend made a monumental commitment. For the onlookers, there was no travel, no budget busting, no drama (unless you count my open weeping, tears of joy!). And all this happened in our living room while pleasantly nibbling on sliced apples, walnuts, Stilton and Roquefort cheeses. Accompanied by none other than Sauternes. That my friends, is not something provided by The Greek Orthodox Church. 

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