An Olympic State of Mind in Lodi

To cap off all of our posts about the recent Wine Bloggers Conference in Lodi, CA last month, I would like to give out some medals. During the time we were there, the Games of The XXXI Olympiad, otherwise known as Rio 2016, were being televised. This backdrop of olympic hopefuls, representing 207 nations and 11, 303 athletes, rounded out each day of the conference, as well as that entire 2-week period. The talent, the emotional stories, the display of commitment, hard work, team work and pride was magnetizing. We sacrificed precious sleep to stay up late and watch. There were stand-outs, surprises and of course, a little controversy. So for this post, in alignment with the Olympics, I am giving nods to some wines, wineries and other noteworthy establishments in Lodi. Let the games begin!

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