Next Level Sustainability: B Corps are BEYOND.

Wineries should be concerned with sustainability. They are dependent upon the natural resources of the land, the rainfall, the nutrients in the soil, and all the elements that go into making wine. Lest we forget, winemaking starts with farming. If you really examine the benefits of sustainable practices, it just makes sense, economically and ethically. So how widespread is the effort to be sustainable? This just in: The California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA) has released its first annual CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE Report. CSWA offers a certification for wineries and vineyards and in 2017 saw a 46% growth in the number of vineyards and 20% growth in the number of wineries certified. For California, a leader in the wine industry and a state that faces droughts, fires and other vulnerabilities, in order to survive and thrive, sustainability is a must.

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