Yummy California Pinots! Just in time for Thanksy.

Hi friends! Who is ready for a holiday devoted to eating? I sure am. And what goes best with large quantities of rich carbohydrate laden foods? Why, my favorite snack, of course. If there is a holiday, there must be wine. Now, what wine pairs the best with this holiday meal? Ca dépend. I will not be consuming turkey, or any fowl, but I will be taking down some of the cheesy-buttery sides, passing as vegetables. Yas! You may have heard that Rosé or Riesling are good choices to pair with Thanksgiving. And they are, in drier styles, the acidity balances the meal, cutting through all that decadence. Another favorite is Pinot Noir. Generally speaking, Pinot Noir is a safe bet to bring along to any gathering when you aren't sure what will be on the menu. It is a lighter body red and elegant, matching with an abundance of flavors, as well as on its own. We recently hosted another wine tasting and this one was devoted exclusively to California Pinot Noir, from four distinct areas. The timeliness of it all is astounding!

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