Coming of Age: Mile High Wine

Earlier this month I had the privilege of traveling back to Denver for some work stuff and thankfully got to add a few days for some social stuff. I lived in Denver from 2008-2012, and though I was by most standards already “grown”, I still think of it as a place in which some formative “growing up” occurred for me. It was the first time in all my life that I truly lived alone. No roommates, partner or family members. Just me. I would sometimes walk down the street in my beguiling first neighborhood of Cheesman Park, giggling to myself, tickled that I actually lived there, in my own stately apartment within the red bricked exterior of The Bentley. As a wine lover living alone, one has to get comfortable very quickly with the notion of “drinking alone”.  With the lore of a haunted neighborhood and being a single young woman living on her own, it was not a hard sell. Wine and I became very intimate during the Denver years.

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