The Rosé Renaissance

Rosé. I like to say it aloud. It has a good cadence. Rosé. When I speak the word, I think of the spelling, the accent over the "e", making it sound European and classy. The pink drink has a sordid history stateside, at one time giving it a reputation that was anything but classy. But we in the New World, have grown-up. Rosé, real rosé, inspired by the crisp mineral styles of the Old World (Europe), be it direct press or saignée, are dominating in the spring and summer. They said it was a trend. The market prediction: shifty American consumers would move on to the next wine fad du jour. Instead we keep finding ways to reinvent rosé: put in a can, then a 40oz bottle, hashtag it infinitely, make it into gummy-bears. Year after year, rosé only seems to gain more momentum in the U.S. Yes, folks, I believe that we are having ourselves, a very pink and plump, Rosé Renaissance. 

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